Giancarlo Tintori

D&AA Italian Design & Architecture Agency / Founder and Chief Architect

Giancarlo Tintori, born in Milan in 1961, graduated in architecture at Politecnico of Milan. Tintori, won in 1982 a competition organized by RAI Italian Television for Set designer, participating for over a decade in the major television and film productions in Italy and abroad. Founded in 1991, Giancarlo Tintori Ltd architecture – design – graphic, establishing its headquarter in Milan.
Giancarlo works on architectural and industrial design with a special attitude also for retail design, he designed hundreds of boutiques and showrooms in the most important cities of the world. He collaborates mostly with fashion and furniture/design brands, managing ideation and realization of architectural concept, store planning e lighting design. he counseling, for some brands, consists also of artistic direction, product design, concept events and exhibition stands. He is a contract professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara and the Ecole Superieure du Commerce di Troyes; he is also a visiting professor at other international university colleges where he teaches architecture as a vehicle of representation and communication for brands.